01/03/2010 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

I inform you about the release of a new version of Redim Picture, my software to resize image.

What’s new :

  • Management of the main formats of image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP)
  • New management of the proportions
  • Possibility of changing formats of favorites images
  • Addition which allows the user to save dimensions defined by images
  • Choice of the path where to save the image

The ancient version of Redim Picture was developed in VB.NET and suffered numerous bugs (Be indulgent, it was my first program 🙂 ). This new version, developed there in C#, is a beta version. Thus, if you notice bugs or if you wish to announce me a possibility of improvement of the software, do not hesitate to contact me.

Description of the program :

  • Name : Redim Picture
  • Description : Software to resize images (see novelties)
  • System compatibles : Windows xp, vista, seven. (Require the .NET Framework 3.5, to download it, click here).
  • Download : link
01/07/2009 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

Redim Picture v0.1

I made a customised program in VB.NET for the real estate agency Agora Immobilier who allowed them to resize a picture very easily. But after, I replaced this program by a PHP module who perform this task more easily. This software became deprecated, I decided to reuse the previous code to create a software for everybody.

Redim Picture v 0.1 :

– Description :

This software allows to resize in a very simple way an image. Select an image, indicate the name and the size of the image then click to resize. The version 0.1 supports only the images in the JPEG format.

– Minimal configuration :

Windows xp SP2

– Download : Cliquez-ici

If you have some questions, remarks or ideas of improvement, do not hesitate to send me a message via the CONTACT section.

11/03/2009 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

This is a preview of the software that I have create during my full-time internship (3 months) and during my part-time internship (A day a week).

This software of renting management Agoraimm v1.7 (Using the PHP – MySQL – Javascript – Ajax technologies) is integrated into the website agoraimmobilier.fr and allows an effective management of the rents.

Here are some fonctionalities of this software :

  • Monthly calendar (glimpes of the state of the rents)
  • Monthly report of management for the owners
  • Quarterly receipt of management fee
  • Annual receipt of management fee
  • Annual summarization of rent and service charges
  • State of the accounts tenants
  • List of the transfers to be made to the owners
  • Big quarterly book for the accounting
  • Edition of receipt in the PDF format

The owners, the tenants, the accountants have their own online interface in the website. If you want to have an outline of the various interfaces, click here.

The software is actually in version 1.7. I worked in the version 2.0 which will have a more intuitive interface and which will see the addition of new modules.