01/07/2009 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

Redim Picture v0.1

I made a customised program in VB.NET for the real estate agency Agora Immobilier who allowed them to resize a picture very easily. But after, I replaced this program by a PHP module who perform this task more easily. This software became deprecated, I decided to reuse the previous code to create a software for everybody.

Redim Picture v 0.1 :

– Description :

This software allows to resize in a very simple way an image. Select an image, indicate the name and the size of the image then click to resize. The version 0.1 supports only the images in the JPEG format.

– Minimal configuration :

Windows xp SP2

– Download : Cliquez-ici

If you have some questions, remarks or ideas of improvement, do not hesitate to send me a message via the CONTACT section.