30/08/2018 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

After a few months of work, the new design of my personal website is now published online. Because the previous website design was created 8 years ago, I decided to recreate the website design from scratch in order to improve my web design skills. The new design has now been fully integrated into WordPress with an internationalisation mechanism in order to continue to display the content of pages and articles in French and English (I think it is still important to me to practice both languages despite the fact it takes more time to write pages and articles).

As a software engineer, I believe it is important to constantly learn about new technologies. That’s why I always try to learn and practice by working on some personal projects (I will develop in more detail in a future article). Therefore, I have used my need to improve my web design skills in this redesign work.

I have also tried to optimise the design for desktop computers, tablets and smartphone. I will continue to fix some bugs found and to make some other improvements in some future time.

In the blog, I will continue to write some articles about technological subjects, my professional experiences and some other articles worth sharing.

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New website redesign