Web applications
Creation of a solution to measure energy consumption
July 2010 to September 2011
During my internship at Distrame from July 2010 to September 2011, I participated in the creation of the solution called Efficacenergie. This solution, directly installed on the intranet network of the customer, measures the energy consumption of a building (e.g. water consumption, gas, electricity) and the measure of temperature,… Efficacenergie is compatible with the wireless sensors of the brands LEM and Coronis. The solution is installed on a NAS, working on a linux operating system. Our NAS server is going to play a collector’s role of data resulting from wireless sensors. Thanks to the application server Apache Tomcat and a mySQL database, the customer can visualize his consumption with an ergonomic Web interface developed with the Javascript framework Ext-JS.
Java JSP Maven JBoss Hibernate JUnit Oracle MSSQL PostgreSQL Javascript Ext-JS
Solution to manage driving schools
This sofware developed using PHP, Javascript and MySQL technologies can manage the driving schools of the SafeDriving company. Using the back-office interface, a user can manage the different agencies, users, driving school instructor's availability, invoices, products available, pack of products, the different planned sessions of the different driving school,... The company's website has been developed with Wordpress. Moreover, customers can go to the website in order to access their marks or to register for some training sessions. The mobile interface developed using the Sencha Touch library allows a driving school instructor to indicate the candidate's marks using their mobile. All the different services use a Single Sign-On authentication (SSO).
PHP MySQL Javascript Ext-JS
Planet Bourgogne
Modification of their interface for project management Creation of an interface of follow-up for projects and customer relations
August 2009 to October 2009
I began with the modification of their interface for project management in order to improve their project management and invoicing. Then I created an interface of follow-up for projects and customer relations in the form of tickets for each incident inspired by Mantis and GLPI. This interface allows the development teams of Planet Bourgogne to improve their collaborative work and can also ensure a better follow-up with the customer after the website or the software has been released.
PHP MySQL Javascript
Agora Immobilier
Interface for rental management for Agora Immobilier
July 2008 to June 2011
After completing the agency's website, I also created an interface for rental management to replace the existing Excel files. Thanks to this new interface, I managed to decrease in a significant way the number of human operations, thus limiting the risks of error and reducing the time spent on the management of the properties. The printing of documents is now made in PDF and several improvements were added. Some details were masked on photos for reasons of confidentiality.
PHP MySQL Javascript Linux