23/03/2011 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

During my internship at Distrame from July 2010 to September 2011, I have participated to the creation of the solution Efficacenergie. This solution, directly installed on the intranet network of the customer, allows the measure of energy consumption of a building such as water consumption, gas, electricity or the measure of temperature, … Efficacenergie is compatible with the wireless sensors of the brands LEM and Coronis.

The solution is installed on a NAS working on a linux operating system. Our NAS server is going to play collector’s role of data resulting from wireless sensors. Thanks to the application server Apache Tomcat and a mySQL database, the customer can visualize his consumptions with an ergonomic Web interface developed from the javascript framework Ext-JS. You can find on my portfolio a list of available features with Efficacenergie.

Here is a small video of presentation of the solution (French video) :

29/07/2009 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

I work from July 27th, 2009 till October 29th, 2009 within the company Planet Bourgogne. This IT services company occupies numerous fields of activity:

  • Web hosting
  • Web development
  • Advice and formation
  • Access and engineering

For more information, visit the website: www.planetb.fr.

For my part, I would work in the development of Web applications. It will allow me to increase my knowledge in the Web development by participating actively in the projects of the company but also to understand all the stages of the creation of the project up to its finalization.

11/03/2009 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

This is a preview of the software that I have create during my full-time internship (3 months) and during my part-time internship (A day a week).

This software of renting management Agoraimm v1.7 (Using the PHP – MySQL – Javascript – Ajax technologies) is integrated into the website agoraimmobilier.fr and allows an effective management of the rents.

Here are some fonctionalities of this software :

  • Monthly calendar (glimpes of the state of the rents)
  • Monthly report of management for the owners
  • Quarterly receipt of management fee
  • Annual receipt of management fee
  • Annual summarization of rent and service charges
  • State of the accounts tenants
  • List of the transfers to be made to the owners
  • Big quarterly book for the accounting
  • Edition of receipt in the PDF format

The owners, the tenants, the accountants have their own online interface in the website. If you want to have an outline of the various interfaces, click here.

The software is actually in version 1.7. I worked in the version 2.0 which will have a more intuitive interface and which will see the addition of new modules.


31/10/2008 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

Agora Immobilier

Here is the website which I realised for the real estate agency Agora Immobilier.

On this website, you can find all announcements of rents, sales and investments.

For each property, you can find a description of the property, photos. Agora Immobilier is the first real estate agency in Aube to display videos of properties. Then, if you want to rent, to buy or to invest, do not hesitate to consult this website.