Thanks to the experience at Air France, I had the chance to be initiated to best practises for Search Engine Optimisations (SEO). After having read several articles found inside the web, I decided to practise these new knowledge for the new website developed for Noëlie Serries, osteopath at Cannes La Bocca.

You can find below some examples of user experience improvements and search engine optimisations:

  • Performances improvement (use of browser cache and applicative cache, code minifier)
  • Website optimised for mobile and tablet
  • Improved HTML with semantic data
  • Links to social networks
  • Optimisation of search engines important content (canonical URL, meta, title and header tags)
  • Internationalisation

Link to the website of Noëlie Serries – Osteopath

Website of Noëlie Serries - Osteopath