19/09/2009 Written by Cyril GRANDJEAN

RPS1 de chez OVH

After having tested the RPS1 from OVH and after having globally been satisfied by the possibilities offered by this low-cost server from OVH, I decided to continue the adventure by launching me in the hosting of the websites that I have created.

I could use my knowledge about hosting during this migration and I could also ask advices of my colleagues from Planet Bourgogne who manage of the hosting of websites in case of problems.

I remind that the RPS is endowed with a processor Atom 1,6 Ghz, 512 Mo of RAM, 20 Gb of accessible storage with a SAN from OVH and a connection of 100 Mbps. The operating system is a Gentoo Release 2 which is a Gentoo modified for needs from OVH.

I could write some articles for all those who wish as me to dash into the adventure of the hosting.

New : This website is now on the RPS server.