Web applications

Distrame :
Creation of a solution to measure energy consumption

During my internship at Distrame from July 2010 to September 2011, I participated in the creation of the solution called Efficacenergie. This solution, directly installed on the intranet network of the customer, measures the energy consumption of a building (e.g. water consumption, gas, electricity) and the measure of temperature,… Efficacenergie is compatible with the wireless sensors of the brands LEM and Coronis.

The solution is installed on a NAS, working on a linux operating system. Our NAS server is going to play a collector’s role of data resulting from wireless sensors. Thanks to the application server Apache Tomcat and a mySQL database, the customer can visualize his consumption with an ergonomic Web interface developed with the Javascript framework Ext-JS.

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Safedriving - Solution to manage driving schools

This sofware developed using PHP, Javascript and MySQL technologies can manage the driving schools of the SafeDriving company.

Using the back-office interface, a user can manage the different agencies, users, driving school instructor's availability, invoices, products available, pack of products, the different planned sessions of the different driving school,...

The company's website has been developed with Wordpress. Moreover, customers can go to the website in order to access their marks or to register for some training sessions.

The mobile interface developed using the Sencha Touch library allows a driving school instructor to indicate the candidate's marks using their mobile.

All the different services use a Single Sign-On authentication (SSO).

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Planet Bourgogne :
Modification of their interface for project management
Creation of an interface of follow-up for projects and customer relations

I began with the modification of their interface for project management in order to improve their project management and invoicing.

Then I created an interface of follow-up for projects and customer relations in the form of tickets for each incident inspired by Mantis and GLPI.

This interface allows the development teams of Planet Bourgogne to improve their collaborative work and can also ensure a better follow-up with the customer after the website or the software has been released.

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Interface for rental management for Agora Immobilier

After completing the agency's website, I also created an interface for rental management to replace the existing Excel files.

Thanks to this new interface, I managed to decrease in a significant way the number of human operations, thus limiting the risks of error and reducing the time spent on the management of the properties.

The printing of documents is now made in PDF and several improvements were added.

Some details were masked on photos for reasons of confidentiality.

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Instant Highcharts published by Packt Publishing

In detail:

Nowadays, a lot of systems and tools are developed using web technologies. Customers need to analyze their data using charts on their computer or their mobile device. With the Highcharts library, it is possible to create highly customizable and interactive charts on any computer or a mobile device without installing any plugins.

Instant Highcharts is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a step-by-step approach, which will help you to take advantage of the powerful features of Highcharts. With Instant Highcharts, you will learn everything you need to know to create your own dynamic charts with your own data inside your web application.

Instant Highcharts will present you with different features available with Highcharts, and helps you to create your own chart. You will start with Highcharts installation and then learn to create your own customized column, bar, area, and pie charts with your data. You will learn to add some interactive functionality such as the zoom feature or to export your chart into a printable format. We will also give you tips that will help you to improve your skills with Highcharts.



DDBS Toolkit :
A “lightweight” Java toolkit for distributed data store applications using programming abstraction

A Java toolkit for creating distributed data stores applications is designed and developed by using Java abstraction mechanisms. Before the development of the toolkit, some middleware technologies are studied in order to establish the communication between the different data stores. At the end of the project, the toolkit is implemented inside a concrete application scenario, that is, a client application which manages several libraries which have their own database.

The toolkit has been created modular with two layers. The first layer is the middleware layer composed of the SQLSpaces and JGroups modules, the middleware technologies that have been selected after the experiments. The second layer is the data layer composed of the MySQL and RDF data stores modules. Transfer transparency between RDF data stores and databases has been implemented and data are transferred between data stores by using command objects representing commands sent to one or many data stores.

The project is available in open source version on www.ddbstoolkit.org.

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TimetableEasy - Software to manage timetables

This software developed in .NET uses the WPF technology and allows a user to manage timetables of a university composed of several campuses with different classes.

Each type of user (students, lecturers, campus manager) has their own interface according to their privileges.

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Software for resizing images

This software allows you to resize images in a simple and quick way. It is also possible to change the format of your image (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG) as well as to record your image's dimension

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Website for an osteopath

I developed this responsive design website with the CMS Wordpress.

It is composed of several pages and blog articles optimized in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and browser format (desktop and mobile).

An appointment module was also developed using the Google Calendar REST API and Angular JS 2.

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DDBS Toolkit - A lightweight Java toolkit for distributed data store applications

This is the website linked to the DDBS Toolkit project which expose the toolkit concept and its different features.

In the website, it is explained how to get started with the toolkit and then, for each module, some examples are given in order to be able to use each of them.

The link to the application source code and its Javadoc is also available on the website.


Agora Immobilier

This is the first website which I developed. All the announcements of the properties to be rented or to be sold by this agency are available on this website with photos and sometimes videos.

I worked on the integration of the back-office, with the interface for rental management and the geo-localization of the properties to be rented.

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Website of Vélo Club Montigny Roue Libre

I have created the website of the Montigny le Roi Cycling Club

On this website there are several articles about the life of the club and the cycling.

I added a calendar of all the cycle organizations of the sector based on Google Calendar.

Finally, numerous photos of cycling housed on Flickr are also available.

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